Increase customer satisfaction and the use of JReview within existing customers.

Increase the ROI for customers by improving the use of JReview within the organization.

Reduce the loss of software knowledge from turnover.

Offer Industry solutions applicable to an organization in the form of Best Practices.

Improve the upgrade process and knowledge of new release enhancements.

Professional Services Department Goals

Consulting Services Offered

Custom System Installation and Integration

IQ Development and Execution

Custom OQ Development and Execution

Gap Analysis

Best Practices

Standard Object Guidance/Co-Development

Support of Custom Object Development

Process/Deployment Analysis Planning

Training Development and Delivery


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3rd Party Consulting

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eClinical Solutions brings clinical technology and expertise together to help accelerate clinical research innovation. We leverage industry leading technologies to provide EDC and Data Management services and deliver an innovative cloud based Clinical Data Repository solution with advanced visualization and analytical capabilities. We apply a strategic approach to collecting, cleaning and analyzing trial data allowing life science organizations to proactively manage clinical data across the enterprise. For more information, go to: or call 866-961-3542.

JReview Deployment Options

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We always recommend that the JReview application server be located very close to your clinical data source. If you already have a database or SAS datasets with the SAS Share module – we’d recommend that the JReview application server be installed on a server in the same data center.


If you don’t plan to self-host your clinical data source, i.e., if you’d like to use JReview against data hosted by a hosting provider, one of our technology partners that we can recommend is Perficient.


Perficient is a global IT consulting and managed services provider with extensive experience in the implementation, integration, migration, training, and hosting of Oracle Health Sciences applications. In addition to clinical (e.g., OC/RDC, LSH, Siebel CTMS) and safety (e.g., AERS, Argus Safety) applications, our partner provides JReview hosting services to organizations that prefer to have the software managed, maintained, and supported in a state-of-the-art data center. For more information, please visit:

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